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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

Spatial regularities of violent mortality differentiation

Kandrychyn S.V., Razvodovskii Y.E.

4 (78), 2015

Kandrychyn S.V., Razvodovskii Y.E. Spatial regularities of violent mortality differentiation. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 4 (78)

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The present article seeks contribution to understanding of spatial relationships in violent deaths (suicide, homicide, lethal alcohol intoxication). The regional data for European part of Russia and Belarus over the period 1988-2013 were studied. The findings show the long-term continuality in geographical pattern of all three violent death causes. The analysis of violent deaths distribution between 73 administrative regions of Russian Federation and 6 regions of Belarus for period (1990-2013) has revealed the noticeable stability in ranking order. In all violent causes the stable southnorth gradient in violent mortality is manifested on the European territory of Russia and Belarus. The mode of various violent deaths distribution suggests the existence of common regulative reasons. The historical and anthropological background of violent death geography is considered as one of possible explanations. Besides the historical accentuation the multidisciplinary vision of this problem is discussed


belarus, suicide, russian federation, violent mortality rate, homicide, lethal alcohol intoxication, south and north regions, rank order correlation

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