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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

Mental Bases of Formation of Young People’s Lifestyle: Case Study of the Vologda Oblast

Golovchin M.A.

5 (85), 2016

Golovchin M.A. Mental Bases of Formation of Young People’s Lifestyle: Case Study of the Vologda Oblast. Problems of Territory's Development, 2016, no. 5 (85), pp. 72-89

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Russian young people comprise an important part of society: on the one hand, it reflects the results of modernization processes in the economy and society, and, on the other hand, it is itself an active subject of change (of their own life and the life of others). At that, young people’s lifestyle indirectly points to “flaws” in the ongoing transformation processes. The goal of the study presented in the article is to determine mental sides in the formation of lifestyle of today’s youth (especially in terms of attitude toward their own health). The study uses data of the sociological survey conducted in the Vologda Oblast in 2015 using the original author’s tools. The method of research is sociological analysis. These data, in turn, help judge about the nature of the impact on young people’s lifestyle, their interpersonal communication, attitude towards tradition and innovation, their own mission in society of mass consumption. “Generation of children” appears striving for a better life, high social status and uses all available resources to achieve these goals. In particular, the results of the study show that in the life of the young generation a new consideration is given to traditional values such as healthy lifestyle. In the present situation the attitude of the young toward health largely determines the vectors of social mood, planning future prospects, as well as behavioral patterns. Immediate environment and family play a significant role in building the strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle among young people. Negative background in young people’s social life (which, for example, is associated with the manifestations of social pessimism, a desire for isolation and withdrawal from reality) indicates that transformation processes in the society have not been completed. In conclusion, the author puts forward a number of promising directions in the sphere of youth policy, which in modern circumstances should receive the attention of the government and non-governmental organizations in the field of scientific and technological creativity, health, and labor. The results of the study can be used in the development of strategic documents for youth policy at the federal and regional levels


youth, values, lifestyle, sociological survey, transgressiveness

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