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Specifi cs of Marriage and Family Relations of the Youth of the Moscow Region

Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V.

2 (94), 2018

Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V. Specifi cs of Marriage and Family Relations of the Youth of the Moscow Region. Problems of Territory's Development, 2018, no. 2 (94), pp. 120-140. DOI: 10.15838/ptd/2018.2.94.8

DOI: 10.15838/ptd/2018.2.94.8

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The family as a social, demographic and economic concept has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Today, the study of marriage and family relations is associated with certain difficulties: on the one hand, it is quite a personal sphere; on the other hand, there is no relevant information, since the only source in this case are the indicators of official statistics (the census of 2010). Changes in the structure of the family, principles and approaches to marriage and family relations cannot be analyzed with the use of official statistics. However, there are several problems that affect the stability of development not only in the region but also in the country as a whole. The problems of divorce (instability of marriage unions), depreciation of the institution of the family, the increase in the number of common-law marriages, people’s unwillingness to have more than one child – these are the reasons for the decline in fertility and the loss of population. The scientific novelty of the presented research results consists in the development of a unique author’s set of tools to study the issues related to the attitude of young people toward family and marriage. The goal of the study is to analyze regional specifics of transformation of the family institution, as well as to obtain empirical information on these problems and to study the attitude of modern youth in the South-East of the Moscow region toward the creation of a family. The choice of the youth cohort is dictated by the fact that this age group will largely determine fertility trends. The practical significance of the results of the study is due to the fact they help obtain empirical data and primary information, taking into account regional specifics of marriage and family relations of youth in the South-East of the Moscow region. This approach can be used in different municipal management bodies and committees dealing with issues of family and marriage, education of youth and demographic problems


demography, family, marriage and family relations, family structure, marriage and family orientation of youth