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Journal section "Innovation potential of territorial development"

The Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Resource Provision of Innovative Development of Regions and Their Economic Growth

Grachev S.A., Donichev O.A.

1 (99), 2019

Grachev S.A., Donichev O.A. The model for evaluating the efficiency of resource provision of innovative development of regions and their economic growth. Problems of Territory's Development, 2019, no.1 (99), pp. 71–86. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2019.1.99.5

DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2019.1.99.5

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The most important condition for overcoming the crisis phenomena and ensuring economic growth in the Russian economy is an innovative way of its development. However, these processes in Russian regions are faced with the scarcity or lack of all the necessary resources. Therefore, the goal and the main idea of this study is to reveal the reasons that limit the flow of resources for innovation; another goal is to develop methods for assessing the effectiveness of their use. This will make it possible to intensify the processes of innovative development and ensure the increase in people’s welfare. The analysis of the present problem is relevant, and the offered ways for solving the problem make undoubted scientific novelty. The methodology of the study is based on the use of economic and mathematical methods, correlation statistical analysis, which will allow us to formulate a model for assessing the effectiveness of the use of resources for innovative development of regions in order to create conditions for economic growth. In the course of the analysis, we used official statistical data that have been subjected to the normalization that helped carry out a comparison of the results and ranking of regions. The developed technique allowed us to establish that the available resource potential in the regions is not always used effectively, and the presence of a large reserve of resources is not always a condition for their rational use. On this basis, a diagram of the dispersion of the regions of the Central Federal District was built, giving a clear idea of the available resources in it to ensure the development of innovative potential. The proposed method has significant scientific prospects from the standpoint of the development of principles for assessing the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the use of resource potential for innovative development and the creation of conditions for economic growth of the regions. The model is universal and can be used by regional administrations to assess their own resource opportunities for innovative development


region, economic growth, resource provision, innovative potential

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