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Journal section "Round table: society and sociology in modern Russia"

Expert-sociological support for regional public policy

Pershutkin S.N.

6 (74), 2014

Pershutkin S.N. Expert-sociological support for regional public policy. Problems of Territory's Development, 2014, no. 6 (74)

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The task of social science to support the development and implementation of regional policies has the following preconditions: on the one hand, the scientific community is paying more attention to the expert functions of science, on the other hand, the sociological research, including expert evaluation, is not used by the federal center and the subjects of the federation. The article presents a deep study of the research conceptual framework (“region”, “expert evaluation”, “political-administrative measures”), an information base of the expert-social activities (sociological studies and texts that can become subjects of the content analysis: federal and regional legislation, federal and regional programs, regulations for executive authorities, etc.), as well as key objectives of the sociological research in the state regional policy (in-depth analysis of the regional society and creation of the necessary theoretical and empirical base for the development and implementation of the regional public policy, monitoring of the activities of federal and regional authorities for the management of the regional society, development and implementation of scientific and expert systems in each subject of the federation)


region, content analysis, regional public policy, expert-sociological evaluation

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