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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

Trends in demographic ageing of population of the Russian Federation and ways of overcoming them

Shabunova A.A., Barsukov V.N.

1 (75), 2015

Shabunova A.A., Barsukov V.N. Trends in demographic ageing of population of the Russian Federation and ways of overcoming them. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 1 (75)

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Increase in number of senior citizens in the general population remains one of the most significant problems of the modern society. This process affects almost all life spheres and it cannot be considered as the simple consequence of certain shifts in the structure of population. It is an important factor of social changes, which can have both direct and indirect influence on society. Ageing of population causes radical changes in demographic, social structure of the society, in the systems of production, distribution and consumption and in the long run influence the condition of all social groups and strata. In this regard it seems significant to trace the dynamics of changes in the regional context that allows determining causes and consequences concerning ageing of population more exactly. The article shows the analysis of trends in developing the process of demographic ageing in Russia and in particular territorial entities based on the calculation of demographic ageing indicators (ageing ratio, ageing index, demographic pressure at the expense of senior citizens, age-related ageing indicators). The findings allow to draw a conclusion about the approximation of the most of ageing indicators with the indicators of developed countries, as well as about the equation of the ageing process in territorial entities. The current situation requires constant monitoring and accounting in strategic planning at all levels alongside with differentiation of social policy in territorial entities regarding senior citizens


demographic ageing, ageing ratio, age pattern, senior citizens, demographic transition

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