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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

State support of disabled people in the Vologda Oblast

Natsun L.N.

1 (75), 2015

Natsun L.N. State support of disabled people in the Vologda Oblast. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 1 (75)

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The article presents the measures of state support of disabled people implemented on the territory of the Vologda Oblast. It states the information about the programmes of improving the healthcare system, social protection, assistance in job placement of disabled people. The author emphasizes the high value of solving such problems for people with disabilities. The author summarizes the information about the availability of main objects and services of the priority life spheres for disabled people received as a part of sociological studies of 2013 and 2014. The investigation shows that the acuity of problems with unimpeded access of disabled people to the objects and services of healthcare remains: 22% of interrogated disabled people consider them fully available. The share of employed disabled persons in the region in 2013 comprises 22% from the total number of employable disabled people; the share of employed ones from the number of those, who addressed to the employment service, equals 30%. The author reports the information about the efficiency of rehabilitation activities and reasons the necessity of its enhancement: the share of disabled people, received the positive result of rehabilitation, comprised just 9% among adults and 10% among disabled children in 2013. In conclusion the author states that improvement in social position of disabled people requires efforts not only from the government authorities, but from the society and disabled people themselves. One of the advanced variants of the public-private partnership in this sphere can be social innovation projects


integration, social protection, disability, accessible environment, rehabilitation

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