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Journal section "Territorial organization and management"

Strategic planning for the development of state enterprises in the sphere of water utilities sector

Karlik A.E., Tishkov P.I., Vetrova E.N.

4 (78), 2015

Karlik A.E., Tishkov P.I., Vetrova E.N. Strategic planning for the development of state enterprises in the sphere of water utilities sector. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 4 (78)

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The article is based on the results of a research work conducted with the participation of the authors and devoted to the elaboration of a strategic plan for the development of enterprises in the sector of water utilities. The research identified some methodological and methodical problems, a possible solution to which is presented in this article. The main idea of the authors is to substantiate the development of strategic indicators for water supply and sanitation enterprises not only in accordance with the documents regulating their activity, but in line with available resources and their effective use. It involves changing the strategy of enterprise development and characteristics of a system of strategic indicators. The authors define strategic standards – the indicators, the achievement of which should be the goal of the strategy and the system of strategic indicators. Strategic guidelines and strategic indicators are of different nature and can not match the quantitative evaluation. Strategic planning should be closely linked to the current planning of activity of enterprises (technical, economic and operational). Therefore, the development of a new strategy and system of strategic indicators require the revision of the planning system at the enterprise. To implement the proposals it is necessary to provide organizational change, involving the allocation of the office of strategic planning. The aim is to clarify the main issues in the strategic planning process of the enterprise and to determine the main directions of their solution. The methodology included the management analysis, strategic analysis, planning and forecasting, statistical methods of analysis and expert assessment. As a result, the article substantiates the expediency of the change of approach to strategic planning of the enterprise in the sphere of water utilities sector in the context of resource constraints and the directions of these changes


strategy, state enterprise, strategic indicators, key performance indicators, system planning, feasibility and operational planning, current planning, office of strategic planning

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