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Concepts for the formation of IT clusters in the spatial context

Kireeva A.A.

6 (80), 2015

Kireeva A.A. Concepts for the formation of IT clusters in the spatial context. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 6 (80), pp. 226-238

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Today, the cluster approach is one of the most effective tools to overcome Kazakhstan’s dependence on raw materials and to form a new model of knowledge-based economy in this country. The cluster approach is an integral part of highly developed market economies; it increases the productivity, innovativeness and competitiveness of economic entities and spheres of economic activity of regional and national economies. The importance of cluster structures increases with the development of the market mechanism in the context of global trends such as globalization of economic relations, strengthening of major global actors, informatization, dissemination of communication technology and networks. World experience shows that the factors contributing to the spread of new technology determine high competitiveness and stable economic growth; meanwhile, there are many ways to form and boost innovation ecosystem in the regions. Such ways include the development of innovative, information and communication infrastructure (the network of technology parks and business incubators, investment funds and venture capital companies), technology transfer networks, provision of direct and indirect financial support to innovation projects. These functions can be fulfilled by IT clusters as growth poles that transfer innovation technology and knowledge to the broad periphery of the country. This approach to the implementation of a project on the creation of cluster areas enhances the effectiveness of the relationship between business and authorities, promotes the development of cooperation between suppliers and producers, educational establishments and state institutions. In order to solve new problems, it is necessary to develop science-based conceptual approaches to the formation of regional policy that aims to form a new model of knowledge-based economy of the region through the creation of IT-clusters in the spatial context. Such policy should be based, first of all, on the modern imperatives of increasing the role of science and innovation for the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of regions through the formation of new generation clusters


region, innovation, cluster, kazakhstan, it-cluster

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