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Journal section "Sustainable development of territories, branches, and production complexes"

Budget Security in the Country as a Condition for Economic Growth

Galukhin A.V.

4 (84), 2016

Galukhin A.V. Budget Security in the Country as a Condition for Economic Growth. Problems of Territory's Development, 2016, no. 4 (84), pp. 89-108

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Security is the basis for ensuring stable operation of the country and its regions. Its important component is the security of the budget system, because in a market economy it acts as a key lever of influence and control that the authorities have over the processes of reproduction. The information base for the present study is the official data of the Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation, Federal Tax Service, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, research institutions, overview and reference data, regulatory documents, works of leading domestic and foreign researchers in the field of ensuring budget security, budget analysis, and the resources of the legal-reference system ConsultantPlus. The methodological basis is presented by general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis; besides, the elements of system and functional approaches were used, as well as the elements of tabular and graphical data visualization. Budget security is implemented through fiscal policy. One of its key goals is to promote economic growth as the basis for increasing the revenue capacity of the state in order to provide resources for continuously growing needs in the implementation of the priorities and interests of the state, society and individual. The budget system of the Russian Federation is currently influenced by a whole range of threats, the major ones are as follows: strong dependence of revenues from the situation on world markets; poor payment discipline of taxpayers and inefficient provision of tax incentives; undermining the incentives for increasing revenue potential and improving fiscal tools at the regional level as a result of financial resources centralization; growth of deficit and differentiation of regions by income potential; non-targeted and inefficient spending of budget funds; growth of deficit and debt burden in the regions; inefficient use of budgetary funds; and low quality of budget planning and forecasting. Fiscal policy is the main driving force of economic growth and development of human capital. However, it is currently based primarily on the tenets that undermine incentives for the development of the Russian economy, increase in the tax culture of taxpayers and improvement of fiscal tools. There is an acute necessity to adjust fiscal policy mechanisms and tools to increase budget security in the country. Budget policy should be focused primarily on promoting economic growth rather than preventing the economy from falling. Budget policy should also promote strengthening of the economy, increase its competitiveness and investment attractiveness rather than just counteract its weakening


economic growth, budget system, budget sustainability, budget policy, budget security, threats

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