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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

Strategic Development Alternatives of the Youth’s Human Potential

Muravleva V.V.

5 (85), 2016

Muravleva V.V. Strategic Development Alternatives of the Youth’s Human Potential. Problems of Territory's Development, 2016, no. 5 (85), pp. 148-158

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Socio-economic development in any country is defined by effectiveness of spending changes in the structures of priority directions such as labor force, education and population policy. The paper considers a confrontation of possible strategic reference points which are presented in the Concept for Russia’s long-term socio-economic development till 2020 and in the Forecast of long-term socio-economic development till 2030 as well. The alternative variants of the development of the country whose central unit is man are reflected in these normative documents. Individual possibilities and accumulation of abilities which are necessary for achieving the high level of human potential development are a necessary criterion for personal self-actualization. The human potential can be determined as process of achieving a corresponding level of prosperity through the realization of a single person’s opportunities. Increasingly, human potential begins to form and develop in a process of a personality’s socialization; the realization takes place according to the influence of definite conditions and factors. Exactly human potential will determine strategic opportunities and perspectives of development of Russian society. Special attention in this context is given to youth, the qualitative part of which can influence the choice of variants of the country’s long-term development. The formation of young people as a social group takes place in a process of cognitive activity in concert with others socio-demographic groups, when the acquisition and learning of reproduction, translational and innovative social functions take place and help young people take up a position as a main strategic resource. The cases of the long-term country’s development from the position of possible impact on youth are analyzed in the article. The defined features are given in the form of graphic information which allows seeing differences clearly. The cases of the long-term country’s development from the position of possible impact on youth are analyzed in the article. The system analysis helps determine the differences in strategically perspectives, the detailed examination of which reveals the necessity of expertise. The results of peer reviews which allow discovering favorable opportunities and perspectives of the development of human potential of the youth are given in the article. The strategical variants of determination of these problems allow forming the youth sphere with high-level potential opportunities and perspectives for socio-economic development


human potential, education, population policy, labor market, analyses of strong and weak sides, opportunities and dangers

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