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Innovative Development of Russia and Belarus in the Context of Formation of the Union State

Terebova S.V.

2 (88), 2017

Terebova S.V. Innovative Development of Russia and Belarus in the Context of Formation of the Union State. Problems of Territory's Development, 2017, no. 2 (88), pp. 7-19

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The article considers the issue of innovative development of Russia and Belarus in the framework of formation of the Union State. The aim of the article is to analyze the current state and prospects for innovative development of the two countries as relevant preconditions of strengthening integration processes between them. To do this, the author performed an analysis of the basic trends of development of innovative economy in Russia and Belarus at the national level. The analysis was conducted in two stages: assessment of innovative development on the basis of the data of international experts; analysis of statistical data (Rosstat and Belstat) over the period of 2000–2014. According to the analysis it is established that there is a fundamental similarity between the Russian and Belarusian national innovation systems. In both countries, long-term negative trends remain in force: outflows of workers employed in research and development; insufficient share of GDP in the value added of high-tech industries; negative trading balance in innovative products sector, etc. Summarizing the trends of development of scientific potential of Belarus and Russia, we can conclude that at the moment they do not form conditions for the qualitative reduction of their lagging behind the level of development of innovative sphere in the leading countries. This results in a low competitiveness of Belarusian and Russian goods on world markets, which influences the dynamics of foreign trade. There is, however, a marked specificity in the development of the countries under consideration, so we can expect a synergistic effect of building a complementary system of cooperation based on the use of absolute and comparative advantage. It is shown that it is important to develop certain tools to intensify scientific and technological cooperation, including the formation of the market of scientific-technological and innovative products in the framework of the Union State. The article provides evidence of the lack of development of the Russian-Belarusian market of scientific-technological products, and the factors constraining its development. The idea is substantiated that in order to enhance the functioning of the market of scientific-technological products of the Republic of Belarus and Russia it is necessary to implement direct and indirect methods to stimulate the creation and commercialization of research products; to organize the management of intellectual property at the macro and micro levels. The view on the problem of innovative development presented in the paper can be useful in the development of policy documents, in the planning of strategic directions of development of the Union State; it can also be interesting to experts in the field of innovation management


innovative development, innovation, scientific and technological potential, international scientific and technological cooperation, union state of russia and belarus, innovation system

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