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Journal section "Innovation potential of territorial development"

Ethnosocial Special Aspects of Innovative Development of Regions

Popov E.V., Vlasov M.V., Kengurogov N.A.

4 (90), 2017

Popov E.V., Vlasov M.V., Kengurogov N.A. Ethnosocial Special Aspects of Innovative Development of Regions. Problems of Territory's Development, 2017, no. 4 (90), pp. 132-145

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In the Russian regions, a purposeful policy is being pursued in order to increase innovation activity. Nevertheless, there is a great differentiation in quantitative and qualitative levels of innovation development between different Russian regions. In most cases, regions with a predominant ethnic population are outsiders. The purpose of the study is to assess the relationship between ethno-social processes and the formation of innovative development in the regions as exemplified by the territorial entities of the Russian Federation. The main purpose of the analysis is to identify the relationship between accidental variables with the help of point and interval estimation of paired correlation coefficients, calculation and significance set of multiple correlation and determination coefficients. In addition, the correlation analysis helped to solve the following tasks: selection of the factors having the most significant effect on the result feature, on the basis of measuring the degree of connection between them; detection of previously unknown cause-and-effect relationships. Data on ethno-social processes are taken from the official website of the Federal State Statistics Service. The share of the Russian population is calculated according to the latest data of the Russian population census. The indices of innovations are taken from the statistical compilation “The Rating of Innovative Development of the Subjects of the Russian Federation". As a result of the analysis, the hypothesis about the influence of the titular population on innovative development was confirmed. The natural barriers to the influence of informal institutions on the livelihoods of small ethnic groups lead to the backpedaling of innovative development. It has been empirically proved that the indicator “share of the titular population of the country” has a positive correlation with all indicators of innovation development. It can be assumed that the parameters for assessing the titular population of the country have a significant impact on the innovative development of the regions. On the basis of the research conducted, the authors obtained quantitative estimates of the influence of the level of regional ethno-social processes on the level of innovative development of the region. These estimates can be used for forecasting the development of innovative activity and, as a consequence, for managing the processes of knowledge formation in ethnic regions


innovative development, regional economy, ethnosocial processes, the impact of ethnos on innovation, the innovative development of the region, small ethnic groups, the development of ethnic regions, the assessment of innovation development, cross-cultural management, ethnic "barriers" to the development of innovation, informal institution of entrepreneurship

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