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Journal section "Efficiency of public and municipal administration"

Tools for Assessing Efficiency of Public Administration of Regional Fisheries Industry

Tortsev A.M.

1 (93), 2018

Tortsev A.M. Tools for Assessing Efficiency of Public Administration of Regional Fisheries Industry. Problems of Territory's Development, 2018, no. 1 (93), pp. 71-82. DOI: 10.15838/ptd/2018.2.93.5

DOI: 10.15838/ptd/2018.2.93.5

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One of the major issues the society is facing is identifying and improving government efficiency. Increasing the efficiency of public authorities is an important area of improving public administration. The experience of Russia and foreign countries indicates a large number of approaches to assessing public administration efficiency. Each of them addresses a specific objective defined by the developers. However, the disadvantage of the reviewed methodological approaches is the limited list of criteria, which does not assess the efficiency of public administration in the fisheries industry from the standpoint of its development in the region and consideration of joint administration of the industry by federal and regional authorities. In addition, many approaches do not consider the condition of ecosystems as the basis for the functioning of the fisheries industry. The paper aims to address this issue and describe the development process of a system model of assessment of public administration efficiency in the regional fisheries industry. To achieve this goal, we performed analysis of the used terminology and methodological approaches in the sphere of evaluation of administration efficiency. The article considers issues of functioning of regional fisheries industry (on the example of the Arkhangelsk Oblast), management of the industry at the regional level and the efficiency of such management. Using the method of score estimates we developed an assessment model based on the analysis of the industry’s growth gates. We defined assessment criteria and indicators taking into account the functions of public authorities in this sphere and the scale of efficiency based on Harrington verbal-numerical scale. The presented model can serve as a framework for further research and development of the methodology for system assessment of public administration efficiency of regional fisheries industry taking into account all functions of administration subjects


efficiency, model, criteria, public administration, fisheries industry

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