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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

Specific of Population’s Consumption: the Trail of Arctic Residents in Sberbank Big Data

Skufina T.P., Baranov S.V.

6 (110), 2020

Skufina T.P., Baranov S.V. Specific of population's consumption: the trail of arctic residents in Sberbank big data. Problems of Territory's Development, 2020, no. 6 (110), pp. 21–34. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2020.6.110.2

DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2020.6.110.2

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The research is devoted to identifying the characteristics of population consumption in the regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The relevance of their consideration is due to the new issues of the redevelopment of the Arctic, aimed at increasing the level of its socio-economic development. The level of socio-economic development of a territory is largely determined by the population's material security, the structure and consumption level of goods and services. In this regard, studies aimed at clarifying the specifics of consumption by the population of the Russian Arctic, the comparative dynamics of the development of these processes, are relevant and significant not only from a scientific, but also from a practical point of view. The authors sunstantiate the methodologycal feature of the work, it is the usage of Sberbank's big data for analysis which allows conducting large and reliable studies of the Russian population's consumption, including the comparison at the regional level. The researchers established that the increased income of the population of the Russian Arctic are partially leveled the problem of availability of goods and services, directly affecting the standard of living, and expanding consumption opportunities. Comparative analysis in the all-Russian context allowed identifying a pronounced specificity of consumption of the population of the Russian Arctic, due to a number of factors. The economic factor is higher salaries for residents of the Russian Arctic and a less developed supply of goods and services which, for example, increases consumer spending outside the region of residence during a longer vacation. The social factor is the desire and ability to spend a longer “northern” vacation in favorable climatic conditions, respectively, significant seasonal spending in summer and on New Year's holidays. Natural and geographical factors have a complex effect, including increased population's expenses due to higher prices for goods and services in the Russian Arctic, and the pressure of the harsh climate that generates migration and initiates a high demand for mortgage loans


arctic zone of the russian federation, Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, Sberbank big data, customer behavior, comparative dynamics

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