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Journal section "Sustainable development of territories, branches, and production complexes"

Transport Infrastructure as a Factor in the Territory’s Spatial Development

Zakolyukina E.S.

Volume 27, Issue 5, 2023

Zakolyukina E.S. (2023). Transport infrastructure as a factor of the territory’s spatial development. Problems of Territory's Development, 27 (5), 79–95. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2023.5.127.6

DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2023.5.127.6

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The article is devoted to study regional transport infrastructure as a territorial development factor. In the course of the work we analyzed the scientific research on this topic. As a result of the analysis, we formulated the key features of transport infrastructure as a factor promoting spatial development of territories in the case of the Russian Federation, and gave our definition of this phenomenon. Characteristic features include the dependence between regional differences in the level of socio-economic development and the degree of efficiency of transport infrastructure; the existence of a relationship between investment in transport infrastructure and the level of development of the region; the relationship between transport infrastructure and the quality of life etc. We carried out the comparative analysis of the federal districts’ ratings by the index of transport infrastructure development and one of the indicators of the quality of life – the average per capita income, as a result of which it was demonstrated that there was a relationship between these indicators. The paper also emphasizes the presence of not only positive effects from the functioning of transport infrastructure in the development of territories, but also the possibility of negative impacts. Such an aspect has not been studied sufficiently to date. In our opinion, the main problem is the lack of objective assessment of the functioning of transport infrastructure as a whole. The available methods for assessing the transport complex, transport infrastructure include a chaotic set of indicators. We emphasized the need for a qualitative assessment of transport infrastructure through the development of an integral indicator. In this regard, we mentioned the trend of transition to digital transportation infrastructure. An integrated objective assessment of transport infrastructure will contribute to determining the most accurate vector of spatial development of the region, as well as allow adjusting the adopted strategic plans


territorial development, spatial development, transport infrastructure, assessment methodology, socio-economic development of the region

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