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Journal section "Sustainable development of territories, branches, and production complexes"

Functioning of Manufacturing Sector of the North-West Russian Economy in 2022–2023: Expectations and Reality

Shirokova E.Y., Lukin E.V.

Volume 27, Issue 6, 2023

Shirokova E.Yu., Lukin E.V. (2023). Functioning of manufacturing sector of the north-west Russian economy in 2022–2023: Expectations and reality. Problems of Territory's Development, 27 (6), 44–63. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2023.6.128.4

DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2023.6.128.4

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The ongoing sanctions pressure and uncertain economic situation prevent one of the fundamental sectors of the country’s economy from actively developing and making plans. Analysis of the current changes and taking into account the subjective opinions of managers of industrial enterprises will allow scientifically substantiating and creating a basis for optimal economic development. The Northwestern Federal District is an industrially developed macroregion, which previously actively created and expanded trade and economic relations with geographically favorable developed countries. Due to changes in the geopolitical situation, most European countries and the United States have stopped cooperating with enterprises in the Northwest of the country, which has led to radical transformations in logistics and supply chains. The research contributes to the expansion of the issues related to leveling the negative impact of sanctions pressure on the production sector of the macroregion’s economy. The aim of the work is to identify the transformations that have occurred in the manufacturing sector of the economy of North-West Russia and to highlight the most effective measures that allowed enterprises to adapt to the changing geopolitical situation. The information base of the research is the works of Russian and foreign scientists, statistics of Rosstat and the data of questionnaire surveys conducted in 2022 and 2023. The questionnaire in 2023, in addition to questions revealing various aspects of enterprises’ activities, changes in value chains, features of investment and innovation activities, labor potential and relations with the authorities, contains new questions about the substitution of imported components, spare parts and software. Against the background of global changes in the economy and politics of the country, the opinions of enterprise managers on the industrial and economic policy pursued by the authorities, assessment of existing barriers and identification of the most effective measures necessary for adaptation to changing conditions of work are relevant. The research results will be of interest to specialists in regional economics, regional authorities to take into account the features of the development of the main actor of the economy and to adjust programs and measures to support the production sector


region, transformation, industry, sanctions, trend, survey, Region, регион, adaptation problems

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