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Journal section "Innovation potential of territorial development"

Традиционность и инновационность в ценностных ориентациях молодёжи Мурманской области

Tsylev V.R. ., Sharova E.N.

1 (69), 2014

Tsylev V.R. ., Sharova E.N. Традиционность и инновационность в ценностных ориентациях молодёжи Мурманской области. Problems of Territory's Development, 2014, no. 1 (69)

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The article presents an attempt to study the innovation potential of the youth of Murmansk Oblast by analyzing their value orientations in the sphere of conditions and ways of life. Much attention in academic literature is paid to the theoretical analysis of the concept “innovation potential of the youth”, its content and structure. According to the authors, the issue concerning the empirical research into the innovation potential of young people using sociological methods is developed inadequately. Within the framework of this work, the measurement is based on eight criteria for the selection of conditions and ways of life according to the scale “innovation – tradition”. The empirical base of the research is the electronic questionnaire of the youth of the Murmansk Oblast aged 14–30; the questionnaire was conducted by the Research Laboratory for Sociological Studies of Murmansk State Humanities University in January – February 2013. Using multivariate methods of analysis (factor and cluster analysis), the groups of young people were identified, that were to a variable degree oriented toward innovation and traditional conditions and ways of life; their characteristics were considered as well. The results showed that the group of innovation-minded youth is mainly represented by a sufficiently mature part of young people (aged over 20) who have a higher level of education. They have a relatively low level of satisfaction with the conditions of socialization and self-realization, but tend to give quite a high assessment of their own capabilities in this sphere in the region. Despite the high evaluation of their own potential in the local level, they, having high adaptive abilities to living conditions, are not much attached to their place of living, and most of them are planning to migrate from the oblast, focusing on more favorable conditions for selfrealization


innovation, youth, tradition, socialization, innovation potential, value orientation, self-realization

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