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Activity of elective classes in Economics in the school-leavers’ estimates

Popova V.I., Rybicheva O.Y.

3 (71), 2014

Popova V.I., Rybicheva O.Y. Activity of elective classes in Economics in the school-leavers’ estimates. Problems of Territory's Development, 2014, no. 3 (71)

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Nowadays special attention is paid to the development of students’ core competencies due to the necessity to form competitive personalities. Economic competences have an important role due to the state course of economy modernization. However, the measures, taken for their formation, are not sufficient. The basic curriculum of secondary school does not have the subject “Economics” and this direction of training in the additional education system is developed poorly. However, it should be noted that the latter serves as an alternative to school economic education. Taking into account specific character of additional education institutions’ activity, one should focus on the implementation of the goals of students, who are the main consumers of educational services. That is why a very important organizational element is the monitoring of pupils and school leavers’ satisfaction of the education quality that assesses the effectiveness of the work. The article presents the analysis of the full-time Economics elective class at ISEDT RAS Researchand-Education Center for Economics and Information Technology in the school-leavers’ estimates (by the questionnaire results). It considers the reasons for the students’ choice of this specialty, the learning environment and the quality of education in detail as main reasons and factors, affecting the efficient operation of the elective class. To assess the impact of the Research-and-Education Center on the lives of its graduates, the characteristics of their current social state have been considered. The article makes a conclusion about the effective implementation of pupils’ economic training with regard to satisfaction with education quality and conditions and in the modes of study and the impact of ISEDT RAS Research-and-Education Center on the lives of its graduates


research-and-education center, full-time elective class in economics, school economic education, economic competences

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