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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

Fulfilment of the image function of the media in the context of the 2014 foreign policy events

Klyuev A.A., Molodov O.B.

2 (76), 2015

Klyuev A.A., Molodov O.B. Fulfilment of the image function of the media in the context of the 2014 foreign policy events. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 2 (76)

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The development of scientific-technological progress has led to the evolution of the mass media institute. The modern mass media is an essential element of the politics as it performs image functions. The image of a political leader is an image prevailing in public opinion; it is one of the factors of social support for his/her initiatives, which corresponds to the image of the country. Russia’s entry into the system of international division of labor was accompanied by the increase in the intensity of communication. Therefore, it is important what image the state has in public opinion and how effective the methods of socio-psychological motivation and neutralization of negative attitudes towards the country are. The information and analytical materials that are widespread in Russian and foreign press, radio and TV have a significant impact on public opinion. The modern technologies help the news agencies in Russia and other countries to quote and comment on any incoming information concerning the government.The article is aimed at analyzing the media’s influence on the formation of the state power image on the basis of theoretical and empirical research. In this context, the objective of the study is to identify patterns in the data of public opinion polls of the citizens of Russia, Germany and the USA, obtained in the period of the aggravated international situation in 2014. The results of the recent sociological research on the events in Ukraine show that Russia is able to participate in the information confrontations actively. The majority of the population relies on public media sources. The coverage of the Russian sportsmen’s success and the Crimea’s entry in the media has led to the rise of patriotism and the population’s consolidation around the head of state. The opposite point of view advocated in the foreign mass media has contributed to the split in the Western society. The opinion polls in the West also confirm that the successfully conducted foreign policy is a key factor to form the favorable image of public figures. Creating the positive image of the head of state is a complex process and the media plays an essential role in it


public opinion, mass media, internet, news, image, information war, president

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