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Role of transfer and research developments commercialization in the innovative development of territories

Terebova S.V.

6 (80), 2015

Terebova S.V. Role of transfer and research developments commercialization in the innovative development of territories. Problems of Territory's Development, 2015, no. 6 (80), pp. 7-28

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The article identifies basic problems of innovative development in Russia, such as reduction of labor potential of science, low level of innovation activity of the business sector, extremely low funding of science, low efficiency of the state programs for innovative development, etc. It shows that the transition to innovative economy requires reorientation of the state policy (technological, economic, social, etc.). The paper covers principles of the modern innovative development theory. The author offers an approach to understanding innovation. The work proves that innovative development ensures the increase in competitiveness of the socio-economic system and is based on commercialization of research developments through the innovation process. It presents evolution of the innovation process models and discloses that the current models have necessary prerequisites of innovative development, such as presence of constant conditions for transfer and technology commercialization. The article defines essence of the concept “technology transfer”, “technology commercialization” and singles out the types technology transfer, which are of key importance for Russia’s economy development (classic, multinational, and transfer of unique and advanced technologies). It evaluates a intellectual property commercialization degree in Russia. It reveals a low degree of the application of Russian scientific developments. The study considers the tools to promote introduction of innovative developments onto the market used in foreign practice. They are as follows: legislative support, implementation of special state programs and institutions and creation of networks of technology transfer and commercialization. The author analyzes the technology transfer and commercialization system developed in Russia. The article identifies the problems and proposes the ways of its improvement. It substantiates the necessity of creating a single mechanism to support all stages of the innovation chain encouraging the introduction of scientific-technological products onto the market. It considers the experience of most successful Russian technology transfer centers (TTC). It presents comparison of the TTC classical model with the model of domestic TTC operation. The paper proves that the implementation of the model of a full range of services provision can be one of mechanisms to increase the level of technology transfer and commercialization in the regions with low availability of innovative infrastructure and development of scientific-technological potential. Technology transfer, innovative infrastructure, innovative activity, technology transfer center, technology commercialization


technology transfer, innovative activity, innovative infrastructure, technology transfer center, technology commercialization

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