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Journal section "Sustainable development of territories, branches, and production complexes"

Evaluation of Tourist Industry Development Effi ciency on the Basis of Target-Oriented Approach

Poroshina O.V.

1 (81), 2016

Poroshina O.V. Evaluation of Tourist Industry Development Effi ciency on the Basis of Target-Oriented Approach. Problems of Territory's Development, 2016, no. 1 (81), pp. 75-95

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Tourism in Russia is considered as one of the priority sectors of the national economy and the significant factor of regional development. In many RF regions the efficient functioning of tourism is associated with the solution of critical socio-economic challenges, such as increase in employment and quality of life, diversification of the regional economy, growth in investment attractiveness of the region, improvement of ecological situation and optimization of the process of management of natural resources and several others. In light of the current economic situation there is a rise in the relevance of the issue to develop tourism as an element of the territorial economic system in order to achieve full and effective implementation of tourism potential of the area regarding current favorable conditions for development of tourist areas. It is increasingly important to make an objective assessment of the achievement of high indicators of economic efficiency of the tourist industry, which considers the degree of influence of individual components on its development, in general. The state of these components can be expressed by means of assessment of economic efficiency of the tourism sector based on available statistical data. The evaluation method should take into account a number of factors: a lack of the necessary statistical base for holistic evaluation of a development level and domestic tourism efficiency; a lack of the universal set of indicators for assessing economic efficiency of domestic tourism, appropriate to the statistical data; progressive development of the Russian domestic tourism and an increase in its socio-economic significance. The article presents the methodological approach based on integral assessment, including indicators, such as a number of tourists per unit of accommodation capacity, a room supply utilization factor, investment in fixed assets of collective accommodation, a share of tourism in gross regional product, a number of tourists per 1,000 inhabitants, a number of seats in public catering facilities, public catering turnover per capita in the region. The method is tested on the materials of the Vologda Oblast


economics tourism of, domestic tourism, economic performance evaluation

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