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Regional Differentiation of Development of Subsidized Insurance of Agricultural Risks in the Crop Production Sub-Industry

Kadomtseva M.E., Korostelev V.G.

4 (108), 2020

Kadomtseva M.E., Korostelev V.G. Regional differentiation of development of subsidized insurance of agricultural risks in the crop production sub-industry. Problems of Territory's Development, 2020, no. 4 (108), pp. 55–67. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2020.4.108.4

DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2020.4.108.4

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The insurance of agricultural risks, based on government support, is a crucial component of an organizational-economic mechanism of national agro-food complex development which promotes stabilization and improvement of agricultural producers’ financial sustainability. In recent years, one of the main problems of agricultural insurance development has been a significant increase of regional differentiation. As the result, in many entities of the Russian Federation, budget funds, allocated for agriculture development, are not efficiently used, which hinders the achievement of required target indicators of crop and livestock production. The purpose of our research is to analyze regional features of agricultural insurance development and identify factors of interregional differences in the implementation of agricultural risk insurance programs, based on governement support, in the crop production sub-industry. As the result of the research, using methods of mathematical and statistical analysis, six classification groups of regions of the Russian Federation were obtained and described. The efficiency of agricultural insurance in crop production was assessed. The factors, which have the largest impact on the existing regional differentiation of development of agricultural risk insurance with governemnt support, were identified. An analysis of these factors’ impact on the change of a place of agricultural insurance in the structure of priorities of Russian regions’ agriculture development was carried out. Proposals, aimed at the reduction of regional differentiation in agricultural insurance development, were stated


agriculture, risks, regional differentiation, insurance, crop production, subsidy offers

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