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Economic Well-Being Concept and Possibilities of Its Projection to the Municipal Level

Dvoryadkina E.B., Belousova E.A.

Volume 27, Issue 6, 2023

Dvoryadkina E.B., Belousova E.A. (2023). Economic well-being concept and possibilities of its projection to the municipal level. Problems of Territory's Development, 27 (6), 213–233. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2023.6.128.13

DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2023.6.128.13

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In the conditions of structural crisis unfolding in economic systems of different levels, we actualize the issue of development guidelines. On the one hand, municipalities are the primary link that lays the foundation for the development of spatial and economic systems of a higher order, on the other hand, the most flexible territorial unit, therefore, it seems appropriate and productive to comprehend this problem at the municipal level. The aim of the research is to conduct a structured scientific review of the concept of “economic well-being” and identify its characteristics in relation to municipality. The methodological basis is provided by the concepts of economic dynamics and the emerging paradigmatic foundations of the theory of municipal economy. The paper analyzes, systematizes and summarizes 50 publications indexed in the RSCI scientific database. The review allowed defining and verifying within the Russian scientific discourse economic well-being as such a positive state of the economic system, in which the quality of the reproduction process, achieved through compliance with the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness, morality, plannedness, economic security requirements, as well as being individually adjusted depending on the institutional features of a particular economic system, ensures the satisfaction of reasonable vital needs of the mate. The study of conceptual ideas about well-being at the level of territorial entities made it possible to project the proposed definition of economic well-being at the level of municipalities and present it in the form of a set of principles of achievement and spheres of influence. The principles of achieving a positive state of the municipal economic system include the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness, economic security, awareness, plannedness, and individualization. Based on the key attributes of economic activity, we formulated three core areas of impact: setting up and regulating the reproduction process at the municipality’s level; satisfying the basic needs of the municipal economy; and preserving the natural resources necessary for the functioning of the municipality. The practical significance of the obtained scientific results, including the formulated definition, principles and directions of impact on the municipal economy, is related to the prospect of developing indicators or their system to measure economic well-being at the municipal level


municipality, economic growth, socio-economic development, territory, municipal development, Municipality, economic well-being

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