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Journal section "Life quality and human potential of territories"

The role of the system of education in the socio-economic development of territories

Golovchin M.A., Solov’eva T.S.

2 (70), 2014

Golovchin M.A., Solov’eva T.S. The role of the system of education in the socio-economic development of territories. Problems of Territory's Development, 2014, no. 2 (70)

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Education is one of the most important factors promoting modernization processes in the economy. It determines the compliance of employees’ qualification with the requirements of a society in the post-industrial stage. Thus, it is possible to overcome socio-economic development problems in the territory by directly influencing its education system. Using the calculated data, the authors assess the influence of Russian education on the level of socio-economic development in the subjects of the Russian Federation. For this purpose, the authors have carried out the pair-wise comparison of the development level of education sphere (calculated by ISEDT RAS specialists) and the level of socio-economic development of Russia’s regions (calculated by the Institute of Contemporary Development jointly with the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation) for 2012. The comparison revealed a number of territories that require improvement in educational sphere performance indicators in order to enhance the socio-economic development in these territories. The findings of the article can be used by the authorities in the elaboration of strategic plans to overcome the heterogeneity of Russia’s economic space


region, socio-economic development, education, integral index, correlation