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Experience and prospects of integration of science and education (in the context of the research-and-educational center)

Kocheshkova L.O.

6 (74), 2014

Kocheshkova L.O. Experience and prospects of integration of science and education (in the context of the research-and-educational center). Problems of Territory's Development, 2014, no. 6 (74)

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The issue of integration of science and education is relevant for the Russian society. Currently, the national science faces a number of problems in its development that require immediate solution. Staffing is one of them. It is associated primarily with an insufficient number of organizations involved in research and development in industrial and university sectors, and with a low number of staff (including employees with higher education) in them. This is caused largely by the unattractiveness of scientific work, by insufficient demand for research findings, by the lack of efficient mechanisms to attract and retain professionals (both young and established scientists) in science and technology. The purpose of this article is to describe the implementation of one of the forms of full integration of science and education, which promotes the training of highly qualified personnel, and hence the development of regional and municipal territories; and it is implemented through the activity of the research-and-educational center. The article substantiates the urgency of the problem and gives examples from the experience of research-and-educational centers in other regions and countries; the author also substantiates the importance of activity carried out at the Research-and-Educational Center of the Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The article shows that a multistage system for continuous staff training “school – university – graduate school” plays an important role in the development of cooperation between science and education. In addition, the article describes forms of work, basic methodologies and results of activities of the research-and-educational center


personnel training, integration, personal development, educational process, research-andeducational center

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