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Journal section "Innovation potential of territorial development"

On the role of the Internet of Th ings in the conditions of transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Gulin K.A., Uskov V.S.

4 (90), 2017

Gulin K.A., Uskov V.S. On the role of the Internet of Th ings in the conditions of transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Problems of Territory's Development, 2017, no. 4 (90), pp. 112-131

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At present, the tendency of world economic development is aimed at accelerating the processes of new industrialization, the defining vector of which is system-wide innovation development and building high-tech and intelligent manufacturing. The relevance of the issue is conditioned by the need to build a new model for the growth of the Russian economy, based on the development of industrial production in the context of a global transformation of the world system in response to the large-scale practical implementation of innovative technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One of its main scientific and technological trends is the evolution of the Internet, assuming the further development of the concept of distributed networks and the mainstreaming in the infrastructure of new classes of objects of the Internet of Things, the essence of which is the informatization of various objects and their mainstreaming into a single network of networks. Such systems and networks have a transformative effect on all sectors of the modern economy and business. The purpose of this article is to study the role of the Internet of Things being the technological basis of the economy in the conditions of transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The article substantiates the importance of changing the paradigm of technological development and transition to the use of high-tech industries based on the concept of the Internet of Things. The study reveals the special aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things and considers the foreign experience of state programs implementation in the field of Industry 4.0. The authors consider the structure of the Internet market of Things in Russia and draw a conclusion that the economic policy of the country aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Russian companies, the growth of Russian products in the domestic and foreign markets and their revenues can rely on the initiatives in the development of the Internet of Things. However, it requires state authorities to take more active measures


the internet of things, the fourth industrial revolution, the development of the internet of things

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