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Assessing the Needs and Opportunities of Families with Children in Improving Housing Conditions [5, 2023]

Natsun L.N.

Assessment Methodology of State Support Effi ciency of Small Entrepreneurship in the Region [3, 2017]

Kremin A.E.

Assessment of Competitiveness of the Timber Complexes of the Territories [2, 2017]

Vokhmyanin I.A.

Assessment of food security in the region [4, 2013]

Anishchenko A.N.

Assessment of industrial potential of the region [2, 2015]

Ларионов А.О.

Assessment of Level and Priority Guidelines of Kazakhstan Regions’ Modernization [1, 2020]

Al’zhanova F.G. Nurlanova N.K. Dnishev F.M.

Assessment of populations’ financial literacy and ways of its increasing [4, 2012]

Belekhova G.V.

Assessment of Subjective Quality of Life by the Older Generation [3, 2018]

Shabunova A.A. Rossoshanskii A.I.

Assessment of sustainable development of regions of the Northwestern Federal District [4, 2013]

Gruzdeva M.A.

Assessment of the city’s competitiveness [6, 2013]

Gutnikova Y.A.

Assessment of the condition of public transport (case study of the Vologda Oblast) [3, 2014]

Ozerova O.Y.

Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Tourism Sector of the Region [5, 2021]

Leonidova E.G.

Assessment of the Digital Potential of the Russian Federation Constituent Entities in the Field of Training and Attracting IT Personnel [1, 2023]

Mikheikina L.A.

Assessment of the Disease Burden in the Region [4, 2016]

Natsun L.N. Kalachikova O.N.

Assessment of the Impact of Sanctions on the Market of Meat and Meat Products in Russia: Current State and Prospects for Market Development [1, 2018]

Shakleina M.V. Shvetsova K.D. Shaklein K.I.

Assessment of the Infl uence of Functioning of Small Business on the Economy of a Municipal Entity [1, 2017]

Kremin A.E.

Assessment of the Interconnection between Availability of Healthcare Resources and Population’s Life Duration: Regional Aspect [3, 2020]

Kozlova O.A. Trushkova E.A. Makarova M.N.

Assessment of the teacher’s professional competence [6, 2014]

Fomina Z.V. Kulakova A.B.

Assessment of the Time Accessibility of Rest Areas in the Region in the Context of the Growth of Tourism Services Consumption [5, 2022]

Leonidova E.G. Kudrevich A.Y.


Dubinicheva L.V. Orlova V.S.

Axiological Approach to the Evaluation of Urban Land Markets for Housing Consumers [1, 2016]

Ulitskaya N.Y. Akimova M.S.

Balance of the Economy as a Condition for Promoting Innovative Activity: System Analysis and the Experience of the Republic of Belarus [5, 2017]

Dedkov S.M. Turko V.A.

Behavioral Factors of the Educational Trajectory in Ensuring the Staffing Needs of the Region [5, 2022]

Gainanov D.A. Atayeva A.G. Migranova L.I.

Bioindicative assessment of the urban environment quality [5, 2015]

Yur’evna E.Y.

Birth Rate of the Komi Republic Population: Factors, Trends, Prospects [6, 2022]

Popova L.A.


Kalachikova O.N.

Book review [3, 2009]

Book review [4, 2009]

Book Review [4, 2010]

Book review [3, 2011]